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Yoga and wellness coach-khyati jain

About Me

Namaste! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for yoga and wellness with you. My name is Khyati Jain, and I am a 500hr International yoga teacher and a Certified Nutrition coach and have years of experience helping clients achieve their health and wellness goals.


My journey to becoming a coach started when I was dealing with my own personal struggles with stress, anxiety, and a lack of self worth. I discovered the transformative power of yoga and mindfulness practices, which helped me to find a greater sense of peace and well-being. This experience ignited my passion for helping others to discover the same benefits, and I knew that coaching was the perfect way to do it.


As a coach, I bring a unique blend of personal experience, professional expertise, and a deep commitment to my clients' success. I work with individuals to help them achieve their goals, whether it be reducing stress, improving flexibility, or finding greater balance in their lives.


My coaching approach is centered around a holistic approach to wellness, which incorporates yoga, mindfulness, nutrition and other practices to help clients achieve greater health and well-being. I am trained in a variety of yoga disciplines, including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin, and I am always expanding my knowledge to bring the latest techniques and practices to my clients.


My philosophy on wellness is rooted in the belief that true health and happiness come from finding balance in all aspects of our lives. Whether it be through yoga, meditation, healthy eating, or other practices, I believe that we all have the power to transform our lives and achieve our goals.


If you're ready to take the next step on your wellness journey, I invite you to book a consultation. Together, we can achieve your goals and help you find greater health and happiness in your life.

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