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10 ways to be more present in Life

You've probably heard about the advantages of mindfulness and living in the present moment. Being present helps us to appreciate the tiny pleasures in life rather than stressing about tomorrow's problems.

When life moves too rapidly, being present means that we can still completely appreciate it. But what exactly does being present necessarily mean? How do we live in the present moment?

For starters, being present means trying to raise awareness. It's about paying attention to what's going on, whether inwardly or outwardly, without attempting to alter anything.

The only issue is that remaining present is much easier said than done. It might be difficult to incorporate this adjustment into your regular routine.

I've compiled a list of suggestions for fostering more awareness and presence in your daily life to make mindfulness a bit simpler. That way, even when things get crazy, you may begin to appreciate the simple things in life.

1. Enjoy the small victories.

Celebrate the small delights as much as the big ones, whether it's discovering an extra 100 bucks in your handbag, running into a buddy, or getting to sleep in.

2. Cherish the moment.

Take a minute to check in with yourself and recognize the situation you're in. You can do this by inquiring about your surroundings and your present state. Ask yourself questions such as, "Where am I?" What's happening around me? What am I hearing? What bodily sensations can I sense around me? What am I smelling? Who is around? How do I feel? What do I have reason to be thankful for right now?

3. Make mindfulness a daily ritual.

Make time throughout your day to purposefully be present, whether via meditation, yoga, or another sort of mindfulness practice. Mindfulness requires patience, energy, and devotion, thus it must be practiced on a regular basis.

4. Accept that you will not have all of the answers.

We get so tangled up in future fears because we want all of the answers to our issues right away. We feel inadequate because we don't know how to deal with particular situations, which leads to self-criticism and self-doubt. The less you strive to discover answers, the more probable it is that they will come to you.

5. Pay attention to your body.

It's easy to believe that you have to eat a specific way or exercise for a certain amount of time every day because other people do. Listening to what your body tells you instead is one of the finest ways to be present in your life. Is it craving for chocolate? Take it. Does a run sound good? Choose one. Do you prefer to stay in bed instead of going to the gym today? Carry it out. Your body will inform you when it requires energy and when it requires rest.

6. Be aware of your emotions.

If you have a tendency to over-analyze your sentiments and try to modify them, I advise you to sit with them and simply watch them rather than trying to change them. Let rid of the notion that certain emotions are harmful and that you must always be optimistic. Allow yourself to feel instead.

7. Minimize distractions.

Because we are always distracted, most of us are never completely present in our lives. For a few seconds, we may be focused on one thing, but then another thought, request, or task comes up and we're on to the next. Determine your biggest distractions and come up with a strategy to avoid them.

8. Appreciate your routines.

We all have tiny daily routines that we follow. It's a cup of green tea in the morning for me. Every day, it provides me with a little bit of calm and quiet. Every day, try doing something slowly, in quiet, and without distraction.

9. Reflect through your day.

It's important to reflect on a few things that went well during your day, whether by journaling, composing a list of things you're thankful for, or telling a loved one. This encourages you to think optimistically (even if the day was ultimately a bad one), and it can help keep the days from fading altogether.

10. Disconnect yourself from the digital world.

You probably saw this one coming ;) Every day, spend time away from your phone and computer. Read a book, write (not type! ), go on a walk, do yoga, or eat your lunch without using an electronic device. Do something every day that doesn't require an internet connection.

How do you stay present in your life?

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